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by Blue Love Revue

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released October 30, 2015



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Blue Love Revue Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Drive You Wild
Something in the water, unwell I was
Drowning in the ocean, caught in a serpent’s jaw
She’s on my mind (tear from the eye)
Awakes the dragon, gunna drive you wild

Love you when you’re sleeping
Love you when you’re dying in my arms

Such a lovely Daughter, paradise au revoir
Walk you to the border – son of the morning star
Draped long in white, just a tiny bite
I want to hold you baby, I’m gunna drive you wild

Dancing with the angel white
Sweet as apple pie
Apple for the angel buy
She’ll bite
Track Name: Ravens Eye
See the mountain over there - that’s where I’ve got to go
I’ve got word for the owner of the tower and he needs to know
Although I wander the plains of the lower lord
I’m a captive of the eye, of the wing, of the wild

I’m the cold sweat terror of a dying mind
Bleeding out of the corner of a Raven’s eye

Go and launch me in a boat down the river of sin
When I get to the end you won’t remember where I’ve been
Worry no more love – I’ll be forsaken
When I’m captive of the eye, of the wing, of the wild

If I have my way I’ll be fifty feet high
Preaching death-caw wail across the mountainside
Making dead man pay for the pity he rides
When I’m captive of the eye, of the wing, of the wild

There ain’t no taxes paid in a world on fire
When the Blackbird caws, the only tax is time
Track Name: Red River
I heard you crying and your crying eyes
I could feel your moaning through your crying eyes
Going back down to the river
To catch me a fire again
Hear my woes red river
And watch me wash away

Red and blue light coming, calling my name
Guided by moonlight I’m not gunna come back home for days
Going back down to the river
Swollen from the rain
Hear my woes red river
Wash away my shame

Dead cold to black morning, blood dry all over me
Taken down by the copper’s and run me in
From the dust like a bad dream,
Across the wind comes crying
And that old river she’s running red
Track Name: 45 Children
Old dame, she knows who makes her bed
Old dame, she’s got stuff in her head
So long with the lonely blues
And when she turns on to the tune
4 or 5 children know her name
45 children look the same

The old man, he’s got that crooked leg
Lived long on bacon and boiled egg
In a dance with the old dame in her shell
He’s been there dancing oh so well
And 4 or 5 children know his name
45 children look the same

In the streets got that that great big hole
Like a girl who thought you was a mole
Do a dance to the full moon and the stars shine old
In their heads the all know me well, I’m a..
45 children look the same
45 children look the same
Track Name: Long Gone
Slow big hand falls
And points you to the door
Where eyes are scorched
Burning shadows on the walls
I should have turned, slowly
Back to where I began
Tell me all the people there say
I’ve been gone too long

I had a home
I’m a homeless man
Where I had to run
I’ve got to run again
Where I’ve been
And what I’ve seen
You won’t want to go
Back down there with me

When it’s all you can do
Just to turn the TV off
It’s starting to smell (drip-drop)
Dripping through the floor
I should have run, bolt lightning
Back to where I began
Tell me all the people forget
That I am long, long gone